Doing Business in China – is your social media strategy up to date?

Social Media plays a vital role in a successful business – worldwide. Who is engaged in China already is aware that in China the social media channels of relevance are different to the ones known in the western world. Partly because some channels are blocked (i.e. facebook, twitter, google) but also partly because the Chinese incumbent channels are superior. Namely WeChat. With 806 million monthly active users (Q2 2016)-

Recently there is a lot of buzz around WeChat – not only for playing in China but also because Tencent, the company of WeChat, is a true innovation leader.  A good example can be found here:


WeChat is truly different to the channels westerners are accustomed to and hence requires a very dedicated marketing and sales strategy.

Or do you

  • Use QR Codes on your products?
  • Employ Bot-like keyword replies?
  • Integrated your online shop into social media?
  • Already have an in-app social media website?
  • Profit from the build-in loyalty programs?
  • Have a social commerce strategy?
  • Sustainable O2O (online to offline) approach?

If so, congratulation! 

If you are not too sure about 

  • what exactly the China team is working on and 
  • want to understand more and in detail what is possible and relevant with WeChat and 
  • how this can support your China digital strategy 

we should talk!