Tencent Dominates in China. Next Challenge Is Rest of the World

“The WeChat app has almost a billion users, and many of them use it all day. So why isn’t the company everywhere by now?” Asks Bloomberg.

“Tencent has also tried to expand globally the natural way, by introducing its products in different countries. But some of the very things that make it a juggernaut at home have handicapped it elsewhere. Design, for example: Chinese users have developed an affinity for complex bundles of features jammed into dense, supersized apps. In the U.S., where there are different streamlined apps for booking movie tickets, ordering meals, reading news, and so forth, it’s a much tougher sell.”

“Perhaps Tencent’s greatest hope for overseas expansion rests with the increasing number of its Chinese users moving or traveling abroad and carrying the gospel of WeChat with them.”

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Cross Border E-Commerce in China

With the rise of E-Commerce in any industry and segment the next big thing is cross border E-Commerce.

China Digital and WeChat insights at macromedia Hochschule Hamburg

What is cross border E-Commerce about? Basically it is about selling into another country.
What are the opportunities and challenges when selling to China?
The team of discussed this together with the international law firm TaylorWessing at the macromedia Hochschule in Hamburg.

China Digital and WeChat insights at macromedia Hochschule Hamburg

To enter a new market and to sell with success you need to

  • Know your target group and adjust product, price and marketing campaigns
  • Know the relevant players for E-Commerce and
  • Understand where the search traffic goes to
  • Understand the investment costs and setup time of different platforms
  • Understand the legal implications

Based on those there are different ways to enter the market.

If you decide to go full scale with TMALL etc or are on a tighter budget – if you want to play in China you need WeChat.

  • It is where consumers are, they listen and they buy
  • Ideal to build your brand
  • Take the next step and generate e-commerce revenues via wechat

Over 80% of Wechat users do shop online. But more interstingly. 30% of all WeChat users do shop on Wechat. That are over 250 million consumers. For example,60% shop for apparel – and spend 32% of their total online spending for apparel on WeChat.

To best leverage and grow followers…

  1. You need an official account
  2. You need Content & Emotion
  3. You need Advertising & Key Opinion Leaders
  4. You need promotional campaigns
  5. You need a WeChat E-Commerce

Conclusion – What WeChat offers

WeChat is #1 social media in China with 800m+ Users

  • Use WeChat to target your Chinese audience
  • create your brand in China
  • generate E-Commerce revenues

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Doing Business in China – is your social media strategy up to date?

Social Media plays a vital role in a successful business – worldwide. Who is engaged in China already is aware that in China the social media channels of relevance are different to the ones known in the western world. Partly because some channels are blocked (i.e. facebook, twitter, google) but also partly because the Chinese incumbent channels are superior. Namely WeChat. With 806 million monthly active users (Q2 2016)-

Recently there is a lot of buzz around WeChat – not only for playing in China but also because Tencent, the company of WeChat, is a true innovation leader.  A good example can be found here:


WeChat is truly different to the channels westerners are accustomed to and hence requires a very dedicated marketing and sales strategy.

Or do you

  • Use QR Codes on your products?
  • Employ Bot-like keyword replies?
  • Integrated your online shop into social media?
  • Already have an in-app social media website?
  • Profit from the build-in loyalty programs?
  • Have a social commerce strategy?
  • Sustainable O2O (online to offline) approach?

If so, congratulation! 

If you are not too sure about 

  • what exactly the China team is working on and 
  • want to understand more and in detail what is possible and relevant with WeChat and 
  • how this can support your China digital strategy 

we should talk!